Darron Mark Photography | Goodbye Moments - Saying a final farewell to our loved ones

We all have to say 'Goodbye' to each other at some point in our lives, whether it's at the end of a long adventure, or for those unlucky few, right at the very beginning before it's even had a chance to begin, say when a baby is born sleeping. Photography will always remain the one true reminder of those cherished moments before we have to let go.


"A picture paints a thousand words"

  Frederick R. Barnard (1921)  

As a documentary style photographer and film maker, I capture the love shared in those final days from a respectful distance, spending time with you and your family as you prepare to say 'Goodbye'. With my experience of working within one-time-only events, plus my unique style of photography, I can help you reminisce over your loved ones' time with you, through both high quality imagery, intimate interviews with them if time allows and your family members, showing those tender moments of togetherness for you to treasure once they've moved on.

I've lost both my parents to cancer and to be honest; I wish I'd taken more pictures. I remember looking at my father's hands in his final days, comparing them with my own, and realising only then at just how similar they were. I'd have struggled to tell them apart if I was given a picture of them, and that's the thing, I don't have a picture. I've a few, 'snaps' but nothing I would class as a photograph, and that's one of my deepest regrets.

I have a number of packages available but to give you a flavour I've detailed some of the options below. Please click on the links to expand.

Please contact me directly for further information:

Babies Born Sleeping

Introductory Package: This would be a simple photography session lasting no more than an hour at a time of your choosing. We can discuss the logistics further over the telephone or I can arrange a time to come and visit you and the family.
Family Gathering Package: After a consultation with the family we would arrange a suitable time with that member of family who is preparing to leave us, so as to work around their own time frames and well being. This is a completely individual setting, so it could happen at the home or the hospice and would involve some short interviews (or long if they're willing) to discuss their lives and memories.

I ask the questions you'd probably feel somewhat silly asking, or would never have thought about asking in the first place. This will form the basis of a short film about their life, and your own short stories too in the form of comments you'll be able to leave after their passing
Looking Back: This package will involve taking pictures with you and your loved one, interviewing them (if they feel up to it) to make a short film which you can view any time you wish via my secure website. You'll also be able to leave with me those family pictures that you might need to have scanned to share with other family members, to treat it like a central picture box where you only need an email address to see them, and you can order extra prints, enlargements which can come framed too.

This package will build up over the 12 months since their passing to an Anniversary Gathering where you can watch together as a family, a film of their life. It might be a nice idea to book a small venue where you can watch it as a family and start to celebrate the impact they had on you, as a way of healing beyond that 'Year of Firsts'.